Sunday, July 26, 2009

Boxes Galore!

Well, yesterday was moving day...finally! And it went as smoothly as we had hoped. The movers moved us out of our old casa in 3 hours...WOW! But now we have this mess to deal with. But we have already been blessed with SOOOO much help! Yesterday, Pop, Kathy, Donnie, Kyle, and Rick spent some time helping us out in the yard, garage, and the inside! Today, we’re being blessed with more help from Pop, Kathy, Brisa, Christina, and Jose. What gracious givers!

I’d be a hot mess without all their help....oh wait, being prego already qualifies me to be a hot mess. With three more weeks until her due date, I’m moving slower and slower. So a HUGE thanks to everyone who helped because we’d still be unpacking boxes in October without you.