Sunday, January 5, 2014

Halloween 2013

At Halloween, our neighborhood rocks! The doorbell began ringing at 5:30pm and the trick-or-treaters didn't stop until 9:00pm. The girls have been talking about Halloween ever since November 1st of last year. Their costumes of choice have been a hot topic in the backseat for the last 364 days. After much deliberation, Sweet Pea chose to be Sophia the First, Punkin chose to be a nice witch and Sugar Bear, well, she got to walk in her sisters footsteps and don the bumble bee costume for the last time. But momma did make her a new accessory to go with her hand-me-down...antenna. We are so thankful that our family came down from Austin to join us for our 2nd annual night of pizza and trick-or-treating. Boy, do the Bumbas join in the fun of dressing up. The master bathroom was converted into a professional make-up room and an hour later the cast of Despicable Me (and a plane) emerged. Nice work on the costumes! After a lap around the block, the girls were pooped and so were Mommy and Daddy. We look forward to next year. The backseat chatter has already begun.