Sunday, May 20, 2012

Celebration Time!

This week was full of parties and programs celebrating the completion of Mother's Day Out and the arrival of summer!  Thankfully, I was able to make it to Isabella's class luau.  All adorable ten were there to munch on fruit kabobs, bend through a few rounds of the limbo, make leis and decorate beach balls.  It was so much fun to see Isabella in her classroom having fun with her friends that I hear so much about at home. 

 Isabella and her lead teacher, Mrs. Ackerman

 Isabella and her co-teacher, Mrs. Anderson

 Victoria and her teachers, Mrs. Reeder and Mrs. Cowger (aka "Mrs. Cowgirl" according to Victoria)

 Isabella and her best friend Carly

 Learning how to limbo

 She's happy with her finished product.

And the next day we were so excited to see both girls sing in their end of the year program.  Honestly, (from past experiences) we weren't expecting to hear much singing. Mark and I were just hoping they would stay on stage long enough to get through their songs.  But surprising, both girls sang their little hearts out.  Ahhh, they're growing up.  And oh, how it melted our hearts to see both of them up there singing sweetly as they looked right at us.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Splash into Summer!

With next week being the girls' last week of Mother's Day Out, we thought we'd get a kick-start on summer with a trip to Sea World's Bay of Play.  They not only enjoyed a special live appearance of two of their favorite television characters, Max and Ruby, but they had a blast splashing around in the Sesame Street splash pad.  We finished off the afternoon with a picnic lunch under the shady oaks.  With season passes, this will be a regular past time for us this summer so we don't fry in this Texas heat.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


So I don't understand what the big hype is all about in San Antonio over Fiesta.  It's about two weeks worth of parties, but why?  There are events all over town for all ages.  Schools are even shut down on the day of the Battle of the Flowers parade.  Well, I'm sure with time, I'll understand. 

This year we joined in the festivities at the girls' preschool.  They were told to make a float to walk through the school's parade.  They could make it however they wanted using a shoebox.  So of course, princesses and Dora were involved.  And with their help and a bit of Daddy's elbow grease to give these boxes some wheels, here are the finished products that they were very proud to show off.

Isabella's creation
 Victoria's vision completed

 These girls are ready to Fiesta!

Victoria with some pep in her step as she walks through the parade.

Potty Power!

So our house is officially diaper-free, at least until numero tres arrives in 6 months or so.  Victoria did an amazing job of trying her hardest to earn Potty Power.  It was a tedious couple of weeks of running to her Elmo potty, but she did it!  And boy, are Mark and I tired of reading the same princess story over and over!  Our littlest princess is hooked on the same book, and of course she needed to hear it each time she sat down.  This book may soon disappear.  On another note, we couldn't have done it without the good example that her big sis has been.  Both of them earned new panties.  What an exciting trip to Costco it was!

By the way, I don't know what's going on in this photo but we don't watch TV that close.  Promise.


Mommy:  "Okay, let's say our prayer tonight."
Victoria:   "I pray that God had a great day."
Mommy:  "Do you mean you want to thank God for a great day?"
Victoria:   "No, I pray that GOD had a great day."

Mommy:  "What bible story do you want to read tonight?"
Isabella:    "The one where Jonah doesn't obey because he wouldn't go to Neverland."