Sunday, April 29, 2012


This year we were finally able to take some time to snap a few photos in the bluebonnets.  The girls and I lengthened our Easter trip to Austin a wee bit so they could pop-a-squat in this beautiful field of wildflowers.  I think we may have caught these bluebonnets just before they began to fade.  Phew!  The girls were fairly cooperative.  Sweet Pea was able to crack a few sweet smiles amongst the silly faces she kept making.  There were also some tears shed by this her when her dress got a tiny speck of dirt on it.  She was not at all a fan of walking through the field with sandals on.  The other princess couldn't get enough of the flowers.  It was a challenge to get her to stop picking and smelling them long enough to look at the camera.  And she had no problems getting dirty at all.  These two are very different, and we love every bit of them to pieces!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


We took the girls on their first visit to see Shamu. They were so excited, and even more so because they had their cousins Mia and Nate visiting as well. Our first stop was to see the dolphins. We had heard from more experienced Sea Worlders that this spectacle at the park gets so jam-packed that we needed to get there as soon as it opened. So we were there bright and early at 9:30. The girls even got to pet the dolphins.

Then it was off to see more fish, ride some Sesame Street rides, and then eat our lunch before heading to the Shamu show. The girls had a blast watching the amazing whales wave, dive, dance, and spin. The last time I saw Shamu, back in 2004 on a date with Mark, I think I actually shed some tears. This time it wasn't as tear-jerking because now the trainers are not allowed to ride the whales after the horrible tragedy at the Sea World in San Diego. I was a bit disappointed that the goosebumps weren't as big this time, but what matters most is that the kids thought it was magnificent! And oh, their cousins Grayson and Zander were able to drive up from Austin just in time to see the show too! What a treat!

We ended our adventure with the walrus and sea lion show. We look forward to visiting more often this spring and summer. I'm excited to see the Sesame Street shows that we weren't able to make, and take advantage of their splash pad as well. So thankful we got season passes!

The girls with cousins Nate and Mia

Come here Flipper!

Taking a yummy break!

Round and round she goes

These girls love their merry-go-rounds!

In awe of Shamu!

Soccer Tots

Isabella just before her first practice.

Our Isabella has had her first few soccer practices. She's also had two games, but hasn't been able to make either one. We were in Austin the weekend of her first game, and this past Saturday was her second game, but Mark was in two golf touraments and asked me not to take her because he didn't want to miss her first game. So, Lord willing, her first game will be mid-April which will give us a chance to get her more willing to run after the ball, which she still calls a basketball and sometimes a baseball. So far the game of soccer boggles her as she is left standing in the middle of the field while her nine of teammates run after the ball.

"Run after the ball Sweet Pea!" yells her Daddy from the sideline.
"Why? That's not my ball." reasons Isabella.

While her other teammates run to kick the ball during drills, Isabella casually walks seeing no need to hurry because the ball's not going anywhere. We can't help but laugh. But we seemed to make a bit of progress in the backyard a few days ago. She began to run while dribbling across the yard and kicked with some energy. But all this with done with HER pink soccer ball.

Yesterday, Victoria and I took Isabella to Academy to buy her some soccer shoes. She was excited to find some shoes that fit her tiny feet, but as we were checking out, she said "Aren't we going to go see the ballet shoes and tutus?" Hmmm...wrong store, wrong sport Honey.

Our First Rodeo

I have one word that describes going to the rodeo with kids: chaos. I wasn't able to join the gang until half way through their rodeo adventure, but when I arrived I saw tired parents, grumpy toddlers, and chaos all around. The rodeo definitely looked like a fun place to spend the afternoon, but you have to be physically and mentally prepared for it. And maybe next time we'll bring a couple of leashes. After some petting, some milking, some rides, turkey legs and too much cotton candy, the gang was ready to get the kiddos home and to bed. A huge thanks to Grandma and Papa who took all four kids home so Jonathan, Cynthia, Mark and I could enjoy an adult evening out with some bull riding. While we waited for the rodeo events to begin, we made a beeline for the wine tasting tent. After the rodeo, we headed to Three Forks for some yummy apps and more wine. I'd never been to a rodeo, and I was thoroughly entertained and look forward to going again next year.

"Ever heard of sharing, Victoria? Hand over some cotton candy!"

The braver cousins are enjoying a ride together.

Grandma and Auntie Cynthia are creating order in the petting zoo. You'd think the animals had never eaten.

Isabella and Grayson have fun exploring the cow's utters.