Sunday, August 31, 2014

Birthdays for Princesses

After a few weeks of deliberation, the big girls decided to come to an agreement about their birthday party theme.  They chose to have a princess party.  This was by far the easiest party to throw.  The girls had so much fun with their friends and cousins getting their nails painted, hair curled, and makeup applied.  Then they got to pick out a princess dress to wear.  Punkin wasn't shy to belt out "Let It Go" on the microphone and get the karoake started.  Sweet Pea wants a princess party again next year!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Last Week of Summer

Here are just some photos I captured during our last week of summer. Our highlights were a visit from Nana and a visit to the nail salon.  Turning five is a big deal in our house.  Our Punkin has been waiting patiently for five years to paint her nails.  So to celebrate, the occasion the we all went for manis and pedis!

Lunch at the gym

She had to bring her backpack along.

This plasma car has been the best thing for years

It's so cute to see what a five year old keeps in her purse.  Chapstick anyone?

There's that backpack again.  She's ready for Sea World.

We love the Sesame Street gang!  But "Where's Melmo"? say Gianna.

After waiting for five years, she finally sees color on her fingers and toes!

She's loving this!


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We love our visits with Nana!

These Irish twins are both five years old.  Well, for a couple of weeks anyway.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

First Days of School

We consider this year to be the girls' first real schoool year.  Punkin will be in Pre-K (which is called Junior Kindergarten at her school) and Sweet Pea will be starting Kindergarten (which is called Senior Kindergarten).  This is their frist year to go five full days a week.  They were both a bit unsure of whether or not they were excited to start school.  After having a summer packed of lazy mornings and fun camps, it would be back to early mornings and a strict schedule.  They also weren't sure about starting at a new school this year.

Unfortunately, Sweet Pea came down with pneumonia a few days before the first day of school.  So, Punkin had to be brave and go by herself.  Sweet Pea ended up going the second day of school and then having to stay home again on the third day.  After a weekend full of rest, she was able to get back to school on Monday.

The feedback was good, and so far, we haven't had any tears in the morning.  Well,  maybe some tears from Mommy. It's sad to see them go each morning knowing that they're growing up.  I won't have them home during the day doing Mommy School until June.  Sugar Bear and I will miss them. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

It Was Bound to Happen

So this post doesn't have a photo to go along with it, and you'll be happy it doesn't.  I had to blog about this incident before it was soon lost in the mess that my mommy brain can be much of the time. After arriving home from picking up Sweet Pea from her last day of Pine Cove Camp, the three girls shuffled in from the garage and started for the playroom.  I caught them on their way up and escorted them back downstairs into our bathroom because all three desperately needed a bath.  I am a single parent tonight because the hubs went fishing.  On nights like these, I like to get the girls bathed, fed, and to bed on time so I can paint my nails and watch a chick flick.  So in they go.  All three into the garden tub.  The little one likes to stand up and fill her blue plastic bowl (that's a souvenir from one of the hospitals we delivered at) from the faucet and pour water on herself over and over again.  I know, I know, I'm wasting water but it helps to have her distracted so I can bathe the other two. Well, as I'm lathering up Punkin, I hear grunting coming from Sugar Bear's side of the tub.  Yup, sure enough, there are two jumbo egg sized poo poo balls floating in the water.  The big girls have no idea what's just happened as they continue to sit in the tub and play with the baby basketball hoop and balls.  I debate on whether or not I should grab my phone and take a picture.  It's hilarious.  Two girls are clueless, one little toddler is still playing with the faucet as if she's done nothing wrong and there in the background are two poo poo balls floating right behind all of them.  I finally decide it's not safe to grab my phone and I can't hold in my laughter anymore.  The big girls ask what's so funny.  After I show them what just joined their bath, they jump out of the tub straight into the shower screaming like the little girls that they are.  Poor Sugar Bear has a look of confusion on her face.  She never understood what all the commotion was about.  Dropping a load or two in the tub was no big deal to her.