Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of Preschool

These two little ones had a great first day back at preschool.  They were both eager to jump out of bed and get dressed, which is not the norm...at all.  Beds were made and they were washed up, combed, and ready for breakfast in 25 minutes flat!  The new rolling backpacks (which they call "suitcases") and their new school shoes definitely helped raise the excitement level.  I can only hope that the excitement doesn't wear off too soon.

At school, they were both ready to walk in, put their belongings in their assigned cubbies and get started on a puzzle. It really did go much smoother than I thought it would go. And when I picked them up, they both had great things to say about their teachers and their day.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Going for Gold

This cutie petootie has turned into quite the dolphin this summer. She absolutely loves the water and can't wait to take her floaties off and be set free. At the gym pool, she can't get enough of the big slide, and we enjoy watching her "geek out" with excitement when she's in the pool.

She's ringing the bell as a signal that she has completely mastered all skills and can now move up to the next level.  We are so proud of you!

What To Do When It's 102

It has been great having season passes to Sea World.  When there's not much to do and it's 102 outside, Sea World is the perfect getaway.  It's even better when it's a weekday and we don't have to fight the crowds.  And I  can always count on great naps later on!

Ready to roll!

Excited to see Elmo in 3D

We were off to a good start but had to leave when both of these little girls started screaming from fear.    I guess we're not ready for 3D effects yet.  I admit, it wasn't fun being squirted by Ernie's rubber ducky.


Lunch time

Silly goose