Friday, February 21, 2014

A February Full of Fun

This cute little one is supposed to be a 100 year old lady for the 100th Day of School.  When did this day become such a big deal?  Sweater (baby sister's closet), shirt (Goodwill), skirt (homemade), purse (Goodwill), folklorico shoes, necklace (Mommy's closet)
Writing out her valentines while drinking hot cocoa

She was greeted by a yummy Valentines Day breakfast

Good morning!  Where's my heart toast?

Loving her sprinkles

Ready for a fun day at school

A kid-friendly romantic Valentines dinner table

Coupons for the big girls

Goodies for our three little valentines

We put the girls to bed an hour early and broke out the Caymus to have an uninterrupted Stay-at-Home date

Superman made an incredible filet mignon.  Who needs Ruth's Chris.

Ready to rope and ride at the rodeo on President's Day.

Yee haw!

Hook 'em!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Christmas Day

In three days, we were in three different cities.  We spend Christmas Eve in Austin celebrating Great Grandma's birthday.  We were home for Christmas Day to wake up and find out if Santa had come.  And we headed to El Paso on the 26th.  Phew!  It was a busy time but we didn't want to miss seeing anyone.  Next year everyone can come to us :)

Shake shake shake!

A gift from Santa!

What could it be? 

Sugar Bear's getting some help from her big sis.  I love how excited Sweet Pea is.

Ready to go see a Disney show in El Paso

Loving on their Nana

Sugar Bear having some alone time with Daddy and Grandpa Rami while the big girls are at the show.

Grandpa Rami's ready to babysit

You can always count on dessert at Nana's house.


Heading home just in time for the big game.  

Great Grandma's 85th Birthday

Here are some sweet photos from Great Grandma's birthday celebration at Mimi's house.  Mimi had a nice spread of yummy fixin's and a surprise visit from an amazing quartet of mariachis.  Great Grandma was so surprised, and it even brought her to tears.

Christmas Countdown

The girls love counting down until Jesus' birthday, and for the past 3 years we've been using an advent calendar to help us do this along with our Jesse tree that brings us together each night to read out of our Jesus Storybook Bible.  Each morning the girls come downstairs for breakfast and pull out something fun from that day's advent calendar pocket.  We made Christmas cookies for our neighbors, watched a Christmas movie while drinking hot cocoa, wore new jammies to bed, delivered sweet treats to our nearby firefighters, made blessing bags for the needy, and more.  Here are some photos of some of our other activities leading up to JC's birthday.

Decorating the tree
She was directing the positioning of the ornaments

Ready for their Christmas performance at school

And here is the Star of Bethlehem

We braved the cold to go see the Trail of Lights in Austin

Mimi had her hands full

Trying to stay warm.  "Are we almost done?"

On our way for a Mommy date to see The Nutcracker

Making our own wrapping paper

Helping us wrap some gifts

Daddy's prepping the gingerbread houses

Our taste testers are ready to decorate

"One for me, one for ...."