Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gianna Rose at Three Months

This little munchkin is definitely turning into a social butterfly.  She is always smiling, cooing, even laughing (She loves to be tickled), and she wants to be part of the action.  I took her to the gym for the first time a couple of weeks ago and you'd think I'd taken her to Disney World.  Her eyes lit up and she was so happy to be there and be held and fussed over by the Kids Club employees.  She didn't sleep a wink while we were there which told me I can never take her hoping that she takes her nap there.  She's too social and doesn't want to miss out on anything.

Right now she's obsessed with her fingers. She is officially out of the swaddle and has found something that soothes her...her two middle fingers on her left hand.  Mark and I were so excited to find her last Sunday morning fast asleep sucking away on her fingers.   We are pro-finger sucking, can you tell? 

Friday, February 15, 2013

February Fun

February has been a blast beginning with a visit from Nana and then celebrating Valentine's Day mid-month.  We're only halfway through and already we've had so much fun!  What does He have in store for us the rest of this month? Perhaps the rodeo?  Yee-haw!

No wonder this little girl loves to bake.

Lickin' the leftovers

Good thing we're the only ones who are gonna eat these.  They have been handled by too many licked fingers.


Sugar Bear obsessing over her fingers

Nana and Papa at the Magic Time Machine.  Can you tell she is enjoying her "Cool Hand Luke Prison Hooch" cocktail?

"I love The Magic Time Machine!" said Rainbow girl

Hello, kitty.  Meow!

Craft time at her V-day party.

Big smiles for snack time at her V-day party.

"A Valentine's package for us?  We love our tutus  Mimi!"  Do you see Miss Green Lips on the right?  Well, she is thoroughly enjoying her Fun Dip.  I must say I am a big fan of this candy for occupying this little girl for over an hour!