Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our evening strolls

Every other night after dinner we leave our dirty dishes, jump from the table, throw on our shoes, and head outside for a family walk around the block before the clock strikes 7:15pm and our bedtime routine must begin.  The big girls grab their plasma cars or bikes while Gianna is settled in her stroller or Bjorn.  Off we go!  We cherish this time of day and can only hope that these family walks can become a family tradition.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

He Is Risen Indeed!

We spent Easter weekend up in Austin with the Bumba family. The girls had fun sleeping in sleeping bags at Mimi's house, going to our old church on Easter morning and catching up with Grayson and Zander. They were so surprised on Easter morning to find their Easter baskets filled. "How did the Easter Bunny know they were at Mimi's house?" they asked. The Easter Bunny will never tell.
What did the Easter Bunny bring us?  How did he know we were at Mimi's house?
the two big girls ready for church
our three beauties
waiting for Easter lunch to be served at Auntie Cynthia's and Uncle Jonathan's house
Grayson is keeping himself busy as well.
Baby G is soaking up some time with Grandma
Zander's all smiles as he rides through his house full of Easter guests

Gianna Rose - Five Months

We love this little cutie pie so much!  She is so much fun!  We love to kiss her squishy cheeks and nibble on her little toes.  She is loving to nibble on her toes too.  And as of late, she's obsessed with flipping over.  She tries and tries again, sometimes only napping for 45 minutes at a time because she's too busy in her crib trying out her new skill. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gianna Rose - Four Months

I love this little bundle of joy!  We are so thankful to have such a happy baby.  Gianna Rose loves to smile and coo.  She loves to stare at your face when you hold her.  She loves to watch her big sisters run, dance, and twirl.  She loves walks in the Bjorn with Daddy.  She loves napping in her swing.  She loves her milky.  She loves to practice rolling over in her play gym, even though she has yet to be successful.  We love being her Mommy and Daddy!

Ride 'Em Cowgirls!

Last year's rodeo was so much for the girls, that we were planning on going again this year. But I was hoping, and so were they, that they'd be able to dress up as cowgirls and strut around in their favorite boots. Instead we made a spontaneous trip to the rodeo (without Daddy and Gianna) when we arrived at Saturday's dance class only to find out it had been cancelled. How were we going to kill an entire Saturday morning? Let's go to the rodeo! The three of us had a great time. It was so much fun to see these best friends gallop, twirl, and spin together ride after ride. After a day of fun, and a long walk back to the car, these two were exhausted and were ready for an early bedtime.


How Does Our Garden Grow?

So this was the year that we were finally able to get our act together and build a garden. Each February seems to sneak up on us and gone is our chance to grow our own veggies. But this year was different. My handy husband was on top of it and he whipped up this 4 x 10 garden with only ONE trip to Lowe's. I was so impressed; he even built it on a slope! He wheelbarrowed all the dirt himself and PRESTO! Done in one weekend! Next, us girls headed to my favorite nursery and we had some fun picking out the veggies. So we are excited to be growing tomatoes, green bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, and yellow banana peppers. So far, so good. Momma just needs to remember to water them veggies and keep the neighborhood cats away.

Picking up some potted herbs as well. 

My beautiful butterflies

Ta-da!  Yup, pants are overrated at our house.