Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gianna Rose - Two Months

Phew! What a month! Gianna Rose's personality has definitely come out this month. She is a spirited little one that knows what she wants and isn't afraid to let you know. We have also been humbled this month because we have learned that every baby is different and what may have worked with the other two may not work with this one, so I have had to become familiar with a word that wasn't in my vocabulary...flexibility.

 So after trying to get her on a schedule and sleep train her, we realized during her sixth week that I "have been trying to fit a square peg into a round hole". Those are Mark's words. The "cry it out" method that worked with her older sisters did not work with her. It never got better, and only got worse each nap, each day, each week. Pretty soon she wasn't taking any naps, and my stress level was at a record high.  So our sweet Sugar Bear showed us that she loves her swing and now takes all her naps in it. But she also showed us she doesn't like to miss anything and likes to be included in all activities, so she takes her naps in the middle of all the chaos in the living room. We're just trying to keep our heads above water, so whatever works. Now she is back on a schedule and is sleeping great at night. She wakes up happy and is full of smiles and is cooing and gooing.

This little girl loves her bath time, which is a nice change from when her big sisters were babies.

Lots of hair to wash

Even this little one goes to "the gym" everyday
Relaxing in her crib while she watches her mobile overhead

Sometimes Mommy asks for back-up and they are ready to step in

Mommy's helpers

Content with a full tummy

Trying out my new hat that Grandma bought me

Silly girls playing "taco" with the yoga mat

Proof that Mommy takes me out of my jammies.  All dressed up with nowhere to go. 

Sugar Bear snuggling with Sweet Pea

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Christmas was at many times chaotic.  But with all the cousins under the age of six and a newborn, should we have expected anything else? Since we were homebound with our newest addition, the family came to us.  We hosted our Third Annual Breakfast for Dinner Sleepover with the Ramos family as well as the the First Annual Six-Night Marathon Sleepover with the Bumba clan.

Yummy!  Cinnamon rolls for dinner with cousin Nicolas

The Brady Bunch excited to have a sleepover
Thank you Auntie Brisa for my new Christmas jammies!
Love this little girl who is full of smiles and is always eager for a day at school.  Today's her preschool Christmas party!

Putting together her snowman snack at preschool.  This little one is never as eager for a day at school.  She'd rather be homeschooled by Mommy. 

Having fun crafting

Our cutie patootie ready to sing at her preschool Christmas program

Sweet memories

Looking forward to seeing The Nutcracker Ballet at the beautiful Majestic Theater

Going ice-skating with Daddy

Cousin Grayson trying to stay vertical

These sisters were so sweet as they supported each other and held hands. 

Waiting for Santa

"Thank you Auntie Cynthia and Uncle Johnny!  This is just what I wanted!"

Why do we buy toys when the wrapping and box are more fun?

"I can't wait to make ice-cream!"

"For me?  Ahh you shouldn't have."

Papa waking up GR on Christmas morn.  I love how Papa came over with his tag still attached to his shirt.
Grandma brought over the bubbly!

These two artists just completed their first masterpiece with the paints that Santa brought them.

Mimi and Mack ready for Christmas dinner

Oh mom!

We skipped the gingerbread house making this year and opted for an easier option. Next year Momma will know better and not let her kiddos eat this after dinner.   They were up for hours!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gianna Rose's first month

Our first month with our newest addition was full of family. We are so thankful for all the visits and help. Right out of the hospital, Mimi was ready to be an extra set of hands. She was such a blessing to us (and especially the older girls) for a week and a half! And then the second shift started, so Nana clocked in for another two weeks. It was so great to have her and Grandpa Rami here to step in so we could play "one-on-one".

Papo, Uncle Rod, and cousin Diego were in nearby Austin enjoying the Nascar races, so they drove on down to welcome the youngest (and probably last) family member to the Ramos clan. The girls loved playing with Pablo who thought he was big stuff since older brother Diego was back home in El Paso. So Pablo was ruling the roost!

We have so much to learn about our Sugar Bear, but for now she has been an easy delight, sleeping wherever she pleases and eating well.  We thank God for her healthy first month of life.

Uncle Rod, Cousin Pablo, and Papo came from El Paso to visit the newest addition.

Pablo's meeting his new baby cousin.
Pablo was a good sport and had fun being "big stuff" with his little girly cousins.

Doing some tummy time

Chillin' out and watching some football with Daddy

Doing one of her favorite pastimes...stretching.

Getting to know her Papa

Warm in Daddy's arms after one of her first baths
Sweet times with Mimi

Being loved on by her Nana

Isabella can never get enough of her littlest sister

Getting some early photos taken before she grows out of her Christmas shirt.

Phew!  Posing for the camera was hard work!