Sunday, June 26, 2011

Easter Re-run

Today the girls wanted to wear their Easter dresses to church, so we did a re-run of Easter morning minus the egg hunt. Here are some photos that Mark shot of them before leaving. As you can see, they felt like princesses.


Practicing her whistling.

So sweet.

"How much does Daddy love you?" "THIS much!"

Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Visit to Kiddie Park

We spent Father's Day in San Antonio with Charlie and Kathy, and it wasn't our plan to go to Kiddie Park again, but somebody woke up asking to go. After looking at the photos, let's see if you can tell who convinced us to go and was looking forward to the rides.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Vacation in the Southwest

Isabella and Victoria,

I know you are probably too young to have memories of this summer trip, but I hope these photos help tell the story of all the fun you had this past week. We flew to Albuquerque with Nana (leaving Daddy at home) to spend time with Aunt Rebecca, Uncle Jason and cousins Addison and Sienna. And Grandpa Rami met us there to also join in on the fun. You girls had a blast playing, dancing, dressing up, and taking field trips with your cousins. You didn't even show signs of missing home. And then after three fun-filled days we drove with Nana and Grandpa Rami to mommy's hometown of El Paso where we spent three more days away from home. There you enjoyed taking Chloe for walks, splashing around in the backyard and fooling around with your cousins Diego and Pablo. Finally, Daddy joined us for the weekend. Boy, were you so excited to see him! After a full week in the Southwest, we headed home. We all had a great time and are so blessed to have family that is so loving, giving, and hospitable. Thank you for these wonderful memories!

Checkin' out the fishies at the Albuquerque Aquarium.

Chillaxin' upon a giant starfish.

Our sweet tour guide, Auntie Rebecca.

Enjoying the Albuquerque sunshine with cousin Sienna.

Waiting for the "choo-choo" to whiz by.


Having a lazy morning with Grandpa Rami. The camera caught her enjoying her favorite pastime...thumb-sucking.

Getting some energy out at the playground.

Watch me Mommy!


Celebrating Nana's birthday at El Pinto.

Exploring while she waits for her food to arrive.

The mommies

It's not even 7:30 a.m. and the big girls are ready to go to the ball. Nana, Victoria (and Puppy) chose to keep their jammies on a little longer before they start working on somebody's bedhead. Then they'll put on their gowns and glass slippers.

Acting like monkeys at the zoo.

This is God showing off.

Taking a close look at her first elephant in person.

"Hold hand Nana."

Dinnertime at the kiddie table.

Thank you for our swimming pool and swimsuits Grandpa Rami and Nana!

Having so much fun!

I love the water!

Visiting with Papo and Traci at the park.

Giggling with cousin Diego.

Enjoying some shade after playing ball in the cul-de-sac with Uncle Rod and cousin Pablo.

Friday, June 3, 2011


So, we've been using stickers at a couple of our frequent stops as positive reinforcement for good behavior.

• At H.E.B., if they use an inside voice, keep their hands to themselves in the cart, and don't whine if they see something they want, they get an H.E.B. sticker when we're all done. (Now these are the big stickers they put on purchased items that don't go in a grocery bag to show that you've paid for milk gallons. Silly, but they love them, and since Mommy is mean and only allows the H.E.B. balloons on special occasions and has outlawed the H.E.B. lollipops, they'll take what they can get.)

• At the gym, I'd been having trouble with the girls taking their socks and shoes off and then not being able to find their socks when it's time to go. (They are asked to take their shoes off when using "The Maze", big indoor playscape, but are supposed to leave their socks on.) So, we have lost 3 pairs of socks there. Funny thing is, Victoria never has her socks on when I come to pick them up, but I KNOW she is still unable to take her socks off by herself. Hmmm....big sister needs a partner in crime, I guess. Thankfully, they've all been socks from the Target dollar section, but still, it's a pain to search for socks when I just want to get home and get lunch started. So now, the girls receive a sticker from the daycare employee who is checking us out if they have remembered to leave their socks on. So the last time we went to the gym the conversation went like this:

Mommy: "Isabella, thank you for taking care of the things God gives us by leaving your socks on. Would you like a sticker?"

Isabella: "Yes." (Lady gives her a itty bitty sticker.) "Thank you, now can my mommy please have one? She was good at exercising."

• Lastly, I had to use a whole package of stickers yesterday. As the three of us were on our way to the library (to look for anything having to do with The Wiggles) we were side-swiped by a green truck that then fled the scene. So while we waited for the Po-Po to show up at the library, we all sat outside and the girls stayed busy decorating me with princess stickers that I luckily have had in my purse for months. Never know when you might need stickers. " Looks like you got attacked by the sticker monster." said the policeman...when he finally showed up.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

We had a fun memorial day with friends and family. Our day began early as the girls and I headed downtown to look for Mark as he began the Capital of Texas Triathlon. We were able to score a close parking spot so we could quickly head over to the South First bridge to see if we could find him swimming in the Lady Bird Johnson Lake. We sure did! It was like playing Where's Waldo, but we were able to find him easily. We were looking for a man wearing a yellow swim cap, and he was one of the crazy few not wearing a wetsuit. We were able to watch him swim right under us and then back under us on his way to the transition area where he hopped on his bike. We then headed over to Cesar Chavez street where we popped a squat on the curb for 45 minutes or so to watch him speed past us several times to complete his 25 miles. He saw us each time and shouted out to his little girls. They were busy getting filthy. Then after a potty break in the W Hotel, we met up with Rita (aka "Mimi") and tried to locate Mark once more while he was running. We saw him once but them missed him finish up the triathlon because I wasn't expecting him so soon. He finished 20 minutes ahead of his target time! Woo hoo!!! We were all so proud of him! He didn't seem tired at all. Then our active Memorial Day ended with a delicious fajita backyard dinner with friends.

Looking for their Daddy in the water.

See him? He's the only fool not wearing a wet suit.
(Click on the photo for a closer view.)

Waiting patiently for Daddy to whiz by on his bike.

Adding some curb appeal.

Getting filthy.

PB&J lunch break

Enjoying some borrowed shade.

P.U.!! Daddy you're stinky!

Boy, being spectators is hard work!

That deserves some ice-cream..

And a bath!

Filling our tummy with good grub with some of our best buds, Colton and Sienna.