Sunday, January 22, 2012

Conversations with Isabella

On our way home from church this afternoon, this conversation happened:

Isabella: I like it when God praises me.
Daddy: You mean you like to praise God?
Isabella: Yes, that's what I mean. What does "praise" mean?
Mommy: It's when you show God that you love Him.
Isabella: How can I praise God?
Mommy: You can sing to Him, thank Him... (interrupted)
Isabella: I want to go to Heaven.
Daddy: You want to go to Heaven.
Isabella: How do I go to Heaven?
Daddy: Do you remember Jesus?
Isabella: Yes.
Daddy: If you believe that Jesus died for you for the things that you do wrong... (interrupted)
Isabella: I DO believe that Jesus died for me.
Daddy: Then I'll see you in Heaven.