Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Punkin'

Happy first birthday to you, my sweet Victoria. What a year it has been. It has gone by quickly at times and not so quickly at others, but I remember so much of it!

I remember holding you tightly in my arms in the hospital right after you were born and I couldn't believe you were finally going to be part of our family!
I remember the many, many hours that you slept each day barely being able to keep your eyes open for more than 45 minutes at a time.
I remember sleeping next to you in the hospital praying that you fight off the meningitis.
I remember the first five colicky months and hoping and praying that the colic would subside soon.
I remember the many struggles we had during feeding times. Praise God that those tough times are over and now you love to eat!
I remember your first smile.
I remember seeing your face light up every morning and after every nap when Isabella walked into your room.
I remember your delight after learning how to crawl.
I remember you angrily signing for more at every meal and crying when mealtime was over.
I remember your tummy as a bottomless pit.
I remember your giggles when Daddy tickles you and throws you into the air.
I remember one of your favorite things to do was and still is to climb on and off Daddy when he's lying down.
I remember you finding so much comfort in your thumb and your Puppy.

There are so many joyful and hard moments that I remember. I thank God for you and I look forward to many more years ahead. I love you Punkin'.

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