Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ballet Folklorico + Very Special Birthday = A Busy Weekend

The big girls have been taking ballet folklorico lessons since January.  It's a thirty minute drive every Saturday morning to their lessons, but they look forward to it, and they are worn out after a full hour of tapping and twirling.  Not to mention, it's only forty dollars a month for both of them!  They love performing and have shown no stage fright at the six festival performances they've done.  We are so proud of them!

This past weekend, they performed at the Folk Life Festival.  Mimi, Mack, and Nana came into town to see them dance. We were so happy that Nana's birthday happened to fall on this same weekend, so we were all able to celebrate with her.  After a full day at the festival, the grown-ups left the littles with a babysitter and enjoyed a delicious dinner out.  And then the next day was another day spent at the festival.  We made sure to get there with plenty of time to eat junk:  sausage wraps, funnel cakes, ice cream and egg rolls.  Oh, and we couldn't leave without getting the girls' faces (and Mimi's) painted.

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