Sunday, June 1, 2014

Our Ballerina Beauties

Well the girls have taken ballet for an entire year now. It was their first year to take classical ballet. They had taken ballet folklorico last year and had loved it, but we were ready to have our Saturdays back and they were ready to put on leotards and ballet slippers pretty much since they could walk. Isabella has been begging to take ballet since she could talk but we didn't want to start her before she could understand why it was so slow. We knew her idea of ballet probably would not match with what she'd experience this year in class.

Well, class was on Tuesday afternoons, and as soon as we'd leave class, she'd say "Mommy, how many more days until next Tuesday? I can't wait until my next class!" Victoria on the other hand, wasn't as enthusiastic to go each week, but with some bribery (aka lollipops) she was able to finish the year strong.

The year ended with a performance entitled "Museum". Each ballet class danced to a song that reflected a famous painting. It was very impressive, and very long. Sugar Bear behaved herself in the extremely well despite the two and half hour perfomance. God answered our prayers there. The girls danced their hearts out. We were all so proud of them. Neither one had any stage fright.

Primping before the performance

Getting gorgeous

Ballerina #1 is ready to perform

Ballerina #2 is eager to go

So excited to get on stage!

Nana came into town to be in the audience

Also ready to witness the show were Papa and Grandma
Ready for an encore were Mimi and Mack

So proud of my budding ballerinas

Baby sister was proud as well
The girls with their besties

All the girls

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