Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Halloween to Remember

Halloween was a very long and sugar-coated day that began the night before with some pumpkin carving action.

We opted to only carve one this year.  We chose to do a Gospel Pumpkin as seen here at one of my favorite blog,  Happy Home Fairy.

Ready for school!

The day began with the all-school Halloween parade.

Let's keep the fun going with their class parties.

Bring on the Halloween bingo!

And bring on the sugar!

Finally, Sugar Bear gets to join in the fun, as Belle.

Our three princesses, Merida, Belle, and Elsa.

She was so excited to wear dangly earrings!

She was so excited to wear a fancy dress. I'm just happy she wanted to wear it.  

She was so excited to trick-or-treat!

Before trick-or-treating we crossed the street to partake in yet more festivities.

Another Elsa.  Let's see how many more we can count tonight.

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